Oksana Grigorieva baby shopping mel gibson groceries felip flops medcine flowers roses

Baby Lucia has a cold!

A tried and worried looking Oksana Grigorieva stepped out to pick up some cold medicine and pink baby roses for her sick little girl, in LA on Sunday.

Mel Gibson's baby mamma has been laying low lately, as she and her ex have finally worked out an agreement with their daughter.

The troubled actor's adopted gay brother, Andrew, spoke out about Gibson and his relationship with Oksana to Australia's Sunday Times yesterday, telling the paper he did not believe the alleged tape conversations were Mel.

Andrew expressed: "When I heard them I just thought: 'That isn't Mel.' He has never said anything abusive aggressive or racist in his life."

Check out our exclusive video of Grigorieva shopping below, and find out what Mel's brother had to say about his infamous tirades, after the jump ...