OliviaWildeNylon072811.jpgNylon Magazine

OliviaWildeNylonCover072811.jpgWould you rather be drugged up or chubby? Olivia Wilde's picking the latter.

Not that we've noticed, but the Cowboys & Aliens star says she's gained a few pounds since splitting from hubby Tao Ruspoli.

She told Nylon magazine:

    "I got a divorce and self-medicated with food. But I figure that's better than self-medicating with crack cocaine."

Listen, cookies and cupcakes are yummy ... and rarely require rehab.

We know Olivia, 27, was kidding, but can you blame her for chowing down when she's sad? She admits that this whole dating thing is brand new to her - she married the Italian prince, 35, when she was just 19. They separated seven years later in February 2011, and Olivia filed for divorce in March.

So that whole flirting, dealing with text messages and being linked to every boy she comes into contact with (hello, Justin Timberlake) is a little confusing to the actress.

She told the mag:

    "I see the whole thing like someone who's been in a coma and I've come out like, 'Wait, people text message? They text love? How do you text about love?' Three Xs and a smiley face? Emoticon? Deal breaker!"

Back in the game or not, we're with her - emotions are just annoying! Plus, Olivia still looks fantastic. Need more proof? See it ... after the jump.