Daniele & Iango For V Magazine

Paris looks like a Dominatrix Barbie in this new dark and sexy photo spread for V Magazine's upcoming "Transformation" Issue.

The heiress opens up to the mag on growing up in clubs and how she quickly earned her "socialite" status, exclaiming:

    "I moved to New York when I was 15 and got invited to all these clubs and parties, and this whole socialite scene opened up for me—that’s when it all changed. I didn’t listen to them, I did what I wanted, and the rest is history.”

Hilton also opened up about her reality TV career -- she's come a long way since The Simple Life! Paris expressed:

    "They told me to play a character: Green Acres meets Clueless. It was comfortable, because I was shy and I could hide behind that persona. In The World According to Paris I get to use my real voice. I love [the show] because it's showing more of the real me, as a businesswoman. I wanted to show what its like to be in my world."

We love it too!

Hilton added, "I'm very fun, and I'm very daring. I don't copy anybody. I'm like my own Barbie doll!".

Check out the rest of Hilton's sexy b&w shots, after the jump ...