Paris Hilton print dress headband car shots eating malibu nicky hilton shopping sunglasses louis vuitton gas

Paris Hilton might be an heiress, but she's also a millionairess who has made her own fortune, and the hard-working gal just won't stop!

She Tweeted Tuesday:

    "Had my voice lessons with Rachel Riggs. Now in the studio recording with my girl @TauraStinson making some music. :)"

Could this mean a new album from Paris? She hasn't released anything new in a couple of years ... We'll keep you posted!

Until then, Paris also took some time to relax -- she spent Monday in Malibu with her family, where she and sister Nicky beat the heat with some cool ice cream cones. The heiress with the mostest looked abfab in this Deepa Gurnani headband and flowy kaftan. Check out the pics of Paris enjoying her cone after the jump!