Shia LaBeouf stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his latest film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but talk quickly turned to his encounter with the beautiful Selena Gomez backstage at the MTV Movie Awards.

Turns out Selena has a huge crush for Mr. LaBeouf! Hmm...what does Selena's beau Justin Bieber think about this one?

Shia says there's nothing for the 17-year-old singer to worry about it. He also tells Jimmy about his encounter meeting the Biebs. Shia says:

    "He rolls up with a huge squad of dudes ... he has to. He has this presence like Buddha or a young prince. I went up to say, ‘Hi’ and the security is like, 'Whoa, whoa' and ready to take me down. Bieber does this two-finger wave like, 'He's OK."

We have to admit, we're loving Shia's 'stache. Sexy! See more of his interview with Kimmel ... after the jump.