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We tried to warn her!

After several photogs told Paris Hilton a full-on riot had broken out at the Electric Daisy film premiere in Hollywood, the heiress drove her baby blue Bentley right on into the chaos anyway.

Apparently an LA DJ had broadcast for a free "block party" outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Wednesday night, in honor of the premiere of the Electric Daisy. But after more than 1,000 people showed up and started dancing, it became a fire hazard.

As the LAPD began to shut down the party, the crowd resisted, and grew violent. People began fighting, throwing bottles and even set fire to a cop car, reports KTLA. Once the police began firing riot beanbags though, the crowd started to disperse.

Once Hilton got inside the venue, she Tweeted, "Omg RT @kaskade: EVERYONE CHILL NOW!!! The block party has officially been shut down! BUT THIS IS TOO CRAZY AND WE NEED TO BE SAFE!"

Find out if Paris was able to get through the riot and into the party, after the jump ...