awinehouse041709_05_X17230WM.jpgAmy Winehouse was planning to adopt a 10-year-old girl in St. Lucia before her tragic death, according to The Daily Mirror.

Winehouse, 27, had met Dannika Augustine while vacationing in St. Lucia back in 2009. The young girl tells the Mirror:

    "Amy was already my mother. I would call her Mum. And she would call me her daughter. She took care of me, and we had fun together. I loved her, and she loved me."

The Rehab singer died on July 23.

Amy Winehouse's rep denied the story with the following statement:

    "It's not true. I think [Amy] might have met her in St. Lucia, but she was in no way about to adopt her."

Find out what the young girl's grandmother and parents had to say about Amy's plans for adoption ... after the jump.