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sunglasses gym sweat water Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene is logging some major hours at the gym this summer with her trainer, and it's definitely paying off!

Greene sported a "New York" tee while exiting her Studio City gym, probably because she's planning on making a move to the Big Apple soon -- with her Twilight Saga costar, Kellan Lutz!

The stars play adopted brother and sister Emmett and Alice Cullen in the vampire movies, and they've gotten to be such close friends, they're considering splitting a two bedroom apartment in NYC.

"I was talking to Ashley about maybe sharing a place out here in New York. We're never here at the same time but we both love New York. So we'd be roommates without being roommates...more like housemates,” Lutz revealed at the Ella Moss 10-year anniversary event in Hollywood, on Sunday.

Sounds like the prefect roommate to us!

Find out what Greene had to say about living with Lutz in NYC, after the jump ...