barbikini4601.jpgAgua Bendita

The studying is paying off, because Bar Rafaeli definitely gets an A+ in sexiness.

The 26-year-old Israeli-born stunner struck a pose for Agua Bendita’s 2012 swimwear collection. She recently confessed that she studies all her modeling photographs to ensure she meets her "sexiness" potential to the fullest.

Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-ladylove recently confessed to GQ mag:

    "I’ve learned how to do this. I study all of my pictures. Which turn of the hip is sexier, which toe to curl or leg to straighten. I know every bone. I don’t feel the need to be super skinny, but being in shape is important. But even if I wasn’t in this industry I would still want to look after myself and be healthy and keep my body in good condition."

Bar also confessed that she doesn't kill herself with crazy diets and long hours at the gym, revealing: "I always want to look my best on a shoot, or for a fashion show, so I do an extra couple of sit-ups the night before and I drink hot water with lemon to get my metabolism kick-started in the morning."

Since Bar split from former boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio back in May, she's since been spotted spending time with a rumoured new boyfriend, businessman David Fisher.