Daniel Radcliffe is very proud of Harry Potter. And can you blame him?

The final film in the franchise Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was well received by critics and fans and raked in over $1 billion internationally.

One of the best parts about HP was that Daniel, 22, started out doing the films when he was just 11, so he was fairly sheltered from the crazier parts of fame. It was a very different experience than his former Harry Potter co-star, Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson had - which Daniel doesn't take for granted.

Noting that his fellow Englishman is "a very, very nice guy," Dan told Access Hollywood:

    “I think he’s had to do with kind of a lot more. I had a very gradual easing in to the idea of fame, because I was doing the first two films back to back almost. So, while the whole Potter film franchise was exploding, I was in studios filming and kind of unaware that this thing was going massive outside. Where as Rob, [he] was suddenly the most famous guy in the world. I think that’s a lot harder to deal with.”

We kind of love that Daniel was a child star who came out on top - he sounds so realistic about Hollywood!