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Let the Kardashian-Humphries wedding countdown begin!

Dozens of party-planning crews have been working 'round the clock on last–minute preps for Kim's big day, and no expense has been spared for this black tie affair. The entire 10.9-acre Montecito, Calif. estate will be used for Saturday night's event, but huge tents have been erected over the open courtyard to keep it all under wraps.

Kim Kardashian aerial shots weding edding marriage

A huge 'stage' has also been constructed over the pool, with black and white fabric draped in front to keep the paparazzo's lenses from getting any possible aerial shots.

It was rumored Kim K recruited William and Kate's wedding cake creator to design an even bigger and better cake for her own nuptials. Will the Kardashian-Humphries wedding outdo the Royals?