Looks like they're about to get knocked off their "throne."

Jay-Z and Kanye West -- who have been very humbly calling themselves "The Throne" as a duo -- are reportedly barely speaking as they figure out the details of their upcoming tour.

The New York Post says that Kanye wants "next-level production" on the tour that would cost an extra $400,000 per show, while Jay wants to keep costs down. Said a source, "Jay-Z can't deal with Kanye. Jay is a stone-cold businessman. ... But Kanye wants to upstage rock stars with a blowout show. He doesn't care about costs."

And another source told the Post:

    "Jay-Z is fed up with West's antics. He doesn't even want to be around him."

Looks like Jay has 99 problems, and Kanye West is one.