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Jennifer Aniston was escorted by boyfriend Justin Theroux on a visit to a medical building in Beverly Hills Wednesday and we spotted Jen holding her belly as she left!

Exhibit B - Other evidence the Friends star could be with child? -- Jen was sucking on a lollipop and it's common practice in gynecology offices to give candy to a woman having blood work early in her first trimester so when a nurse draws blood, the patient's blood sugar level is high enough that she doesn't pass out. Hmmm ...

Exhibit C - A source tells X17, and recent reports concur -- Jen has been abstaining from alcoholic drinks for the past two weeks.


Exhibit D - Our last bit of proof that these two lovebirds, fresh off a (baby-making) trip to Hawaii, are serious and committed to each other? -- The matching rings! The couple's still sporting their matching nameplate rings, each on the same finger.

Love is definitely in the air but could their also be a bun in the oven? And are those wedding bells we hear???