JustinBieber081711.jpgJustin Bieber has made a pretty penny off being a teen dream.

The "Baby" singer took in $53 million in 2010, according to People magazine's ranking of top-earning teen actors and musicians.

He may be known for his vocals, but Justin, 17, actually scored the most moolah from his extremely successful 3D movie Never Say Never, which earned $73 million to date, and his fragrance "Someday."

Barely trailing behind was Miley Cyrus with $48 million, who earned most of her haul from touring.

While Justin's GF Selena Gomez is a rising star, she was much further down on the list with a take home of $5 million.

Few other earners took in quite as much as Justin and Miley, but many teen stars still fared well:
  • Twilight's Taylor Lautner - $16 million

  • Nick Jonas - $12.5 million

  • Two and a Half Men's Angus T. Jones - $7.8 million

  • Jaden Smith - $5 million

  • Willow Smith - $4 million<

  • Dakota Fanning - $4 million