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Kat Von D has had a few not-so-stellar moments since her split with fiance Jesse James was announced a week ago (walking out on a TV interview, posting a diatribe to Facebook) -- but she looks to be getting things together.

Von D was all red-lipped smiles in LA on Monday, where our photogs caught up with her as she spent time with friends.

The reality star is surrounding herself with those closest to her -- including her dad.

But, Von D is revealing through Twitter that she's still processing her break-up. She Tweeted lyrics to Josh Rouse's "It's The Night Time" on Sunday:

    "who do ya love, I wanna know his name, and does he feel like I feel? Is he standin' in the rain?"

On Monday she still had the tune in her head, calling it her "song of the day" and Tweeting more lyrics -- "I think sometimes I let life get in the way of life."

Von D's TLC reality show premieres soon, and all of the promos have included footage of her and James together. So, has the break-up affected the show at all? See what TLC said after the jump.