Gosselin.jpgHope she's been saving her money!

Kate Gosselin's TLC reality show, Kate Plus 8, has been canceled.

After about 150 episodes, the network decided not to renew it for another season.

In its fifth season, the show hit highs of 9.8 million viewers. The lives of the Gosselin family -- Jon, Kate and their eight kids -- were first shown in a special on TLC that aired in 2005: Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.

In April 2007, Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered and became a huge hit for the network, especially when the couple's separation was chronicled on the show in fall 2009.

Jon stopped appearing on the show and Kate Plus 8 premiered in 2010. On August 8, Kate Plus 8's third season, eighth season total of the show, premiered.