We're a little bit worried for Kellan Lutz's movie career.

Since Twilight, we don't think Kellan has made a single movie in which he hasn't taken his shirt off.

KellanLutzArena230.jpgEven in the abysmal romantic "comedy" Love, Wedding, Marriage (you don't remember it? you're not alone), he went shirtless. Kellan's acting in the "comedy" did get laughs from the crowd during the flick's premiere ... unfortunately, the laughter was during his dramatic scenes.

Now, Lutz is starring in Arena, a movie in which he has to fight for his life -- and people vote on whether he should die online. (Feels an awful lot like we've seen this movie before -- Gerard Butler's 2009 flick Gamer.)

The only thing that excited us about this trailer was Samuel L. Jackson dancing. See it at the 01:25 mark.