Khloe Kardashian just posted her personal pics from inside big sister Kim's bachelorette party, held in Las Vegas on July 23.

KhloeFireHydrant230.jpgThe party, held at nightclub Tao, featured dancing, drinking and, of course, a cake in the shape of a certain male body part. There was also a male stripper.

"My sisters are doing everything they can to embarrass me," Kim told the crowd. She's not exaggerating -- Khloe even donned a firefighter costume (right.)

As usual, the Kardashians made the party a family affair -- mom Kris and even brother Rob were there! Awkward ...

Kim's fiance, Kris Humphries, had his bachelor party the same weekend at Lavo Las Vegas, where he downed shots with fellow NBA player Lamar Odom (also Khloe's hubby, of course.)

But, Kris' partying came to a temporary halt when Kim crashed his celebration! Again -- awkward ...

Check out all the pics in our gallery below!