KimberlyStewart082411.jpgKimberly Stewart has named her baby girl Delilah.

First-time grandpa Rod Stewart announced the moniker to USA Today. "I'm a grandfather now," he said. "I've been going around blabbing that for hours now."

Kimberly gave birth Sunday, on her 32nd birthday. Academy-Award winning actor Benicio del Toro, 44, is the father. The two aren't a couple but Benicio is said to be excited about his daughter's birth and wants to help raise her.

Rod added that his ex-wife, Kimberly's mom Alana Hamilton Stewart, and his current wife, Penny Lancaster-Stewart, were there to help during the baby's birth. "We had everyone at the hospital to help Kimberly," the singer explained. "I won't say we always agree, but we get along."

Congrats, Kimberly and Benicio!