Leave it to Mandy Moore to look absolutely adorable while starring in a raunchy new movie.

Though Mandy's has been trying to break free from her teen pop rep for years, the flick Swinging With The Finkels may finally be the role that does it for her. The 27-year-old singer/actress plays Sarah Finkel, one-half of a couple whose marriage - and sex life - has become stagnant. The Finkels decide to work on their problems by swinging ... and their own personal enjoyment.

Say what?! That's right. In one especially embarrassing scene, Mandy's character is trying out a vibrator when her hubby walks in with none other than Jerry Stiller.

Raunchy and embarrassing. Way to go, Mandy! Not only do we love that she's taking risks in her professional life, this movie also features Jonathan Silverman in a mud mask. Love!

Swinging With The Finkels has already come out in the U.K.