mlohan041111_04_X17230WM.jpgMichael Lohan says he's furious that he's just now learning that his youngest son Cody, 15, has been receiving death threats. It was just a day ago when Michael tells us he learned the Nassau County P.D. had been surrounding the area next to the family's home in Long Island ... to further investigate these calls.

Lohan, who has been traveling back and forth from LA to Long Island on business, tells X17online exclusively:

    "With news of the hurricane that hit this past weekend, and with my son Cody receiving death threats, I can't believe Dina is out in Los Angeles having a good ol' time with Lindsay. Why is she partying during a time like this?"

Papa Lohan says he's offered to send a bodyguard and security team to the family's home. However, his son Michael Jr. insists that he'll be watching over Cody himself. Michael adds, "That's what Dina is supposed to be doing."

Back in 2008, Dina decided to home-school daughter Ali after the teen experienced a number of threats, as well as teasing at school. Will she do the same for Cody?


Over the weekend, Lindsay's mom and Ali grabbed dinner at Carousel Restaurant ... a Lebanese, Armenian and Greek eatery with live music and belly dancing in Glendale, CA.