Polizzi/Sorrentino: MTV; Wilkinson: E!

Sorry, Snooki. The powers that be don't want you anywhere near the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This week, the Walk posted on their Facebook page: "Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!"

Ana Martinez, the Hollywood Walk of Fame's Producer and Vice President for Media Relations, echoed the post's sentiment, saying, "It's just not on the radar for us right now."

Those who get a star pay a hefty $30,000 fee just for the honor! Well, and the installation and upkeep too. Martinez told CNN that it's not just a matter of buying a star, but also being approved by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce committee based on their longevity in entertainment, awards and honors, and philanthropic endeavors.

But don't cry for Kim Kardashian yet. One day, she may just be allowed in. "We just want to bring the tourists to Hollywood," Martinez said.

Hope for reality stars everywhere!