sunglasses sweater Olivia Wilde scarf memorial

One of the most exciting things about promoting a major motion picture are all of the exciting travel opportunities!

Cowboys and Aliens star Olivia Wilde took advantage of her day off from premieres and junkets in Berlin to check out some of the historical cities' many monuments, including the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Wilde recently came under a bit of flack when sent a Tweet about learning the "Swiss" language. The actress shared, "Cowboys screening for 8,000 in the Piazza Grande a the Locarno Fest tonight. prepping my speech in Swiss, Italian, and Apache just in case,"

But after realizing the faux pas, the star immediately corrected the Tweet, confessing: "oh good, turns out there's no Swiss language. that makes things simpler. i'll throw in Cantonese just to keep things interesting."