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The Hilton sisters are single and loving it!

Paris and Nicky hit up Trousdale in West Hollywood with their cousins and friends for some late-night fun ... and to catch DJ Ryan Best spin for the night.

Hilton Tweeted, "@DJMRBEST killed it at Trousdale last night! So much fun, I could not stop dancing! Love you Ryan! :)"

The girls then moved on to The Beverly Club. Sources inside tell us:

    "Paris and Nicky were dancing like crazy to Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." At one point, guys were lined up to talk to the sisters, but the girls ignored them and kept on having their girls' night out."

Nothing like getting the VIP treatment all the way. We wouldn't expect anything else from Princess P and her sis!

Paris, wearing a sexy black LBD, answered a call on the way out while Nicky followed behind in black leather pants. Both girls were rocking their wickedly hot Louboutins. So chic.

These two are looking so fine that we don't think they'll be single for much longer!