Ricky Martin is back for a second Behind the Music, but unlike the first one he did for VH1, the Latin pop star is talking about his life as a closeted gay man.

Ricky, most famous in the U.S. for his '90s hit "Living La Vida Loca," was seen as a sex symbol in the public eye, so he had trouble balancing that reputation with his private life. In the clip above, provided by Entertainment Weekly, the singer admits:

    “I was trying to believe so hard from the bottom of my heart that I was not gay because what I was presenting on stage was not that. So it was very confusing.”

Ricky came out in 2010 and admitted to reporters this past spring that he had "been through an intense spiritual process for the last five years, especially the last two years. I needed to share it with the world." He is now a proud single papa to twins Matteo and Valentino.

Behind the Music: Ricky Martin will premiere Sunday, August 14, on VH1.