RobKardashian083011.jpgRob Kardashian will be on the upcoming 13th season of Dancing with the Stars, but it turns out it's not by choice - his mom is making him do it!

Rob told reporters Monday night:

    “Yeah, my mom pretty much forced me to do this show. She did the same thing to Kim and now she’s doing it to me.”

Continuing to slam his family, Rob went on to say that he's not taking anything big sis Kim Kardashian has to say to heart, even though she hoofed it on DWTS back in 2008. “I don’t think I need advice from someone who lasted, I think, three weeks,” Rob said.

Ouch! That's a pretty extreme contrast from what Kim had to say about her brother. She Tweeted:

    "So excited my bro @RobKardashian is gonna be on Dancing With the Stars! Good luck Robbie! I just hope u do better than me...not too hard!LOL"

Well, soon we'll see if Rob can make it on the show longer than Kim did!