Blonde heads will roll! Tara Reid and Pamela Anderson have been tapped to star in the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother.

The show starts taping next week and will also include Whitney Houston's ex Bobby Brown as a housemate, according to The Sun. "Both women are very feisty and producers hope that sparks will fly," a source told the newspaper.

While we would've loved to see Charlie Sheen act out on the reality show (that rumor was, not surprisingly, shot down fast by his rep), we're pretty sure party girl Tara and former Baywatch babe Pam should bring a lot of drama to the British show.

Don't forget that Pam has reality TV experience - she starred on Australian Big Brother for a whopping three days and also shook her booty on Dancing with the Stars. But sadly, her contract states that she can bow out of the show after just five days, so who knows how long the actress will hang around.

As for Bobby, well, we already know he can bring the crazy.

The rest of Tara, Pam and Bobby's castmates are aren't household names on this side of the pond. They include reality star Kerry Katona, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's Paddy Poherty, Irish twins Jedward and the House of Common's speaker's wife Sally Bercow.

Let the games begin!