worldaccordingtoparis01230bravo.jpgBravo is in talks with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong following the suicide of her late husband Russell, according to reports.

“Bravo wants to do a sit-down, one-hour special with [Bravo exec VP and host] Andy Cohen. They’ve been discussing options for a week, but no programming has been formalized,” reveals a source close to the situation.

But so far Bravo has denied reports of a tell-all interview, saying only: “It’s not true, there are no plans like that.”

Armstrong’s rep enforces this statement, expressing: “There is dialogue with Bravo, but no decisions have been made. Anything would be conjecture. Armstrong is still devastated and hasn’t personally engaged in any talks."

The reality star reportedly committed suicide due to the fact that appearing on a reality TV show had ruined the quality of his life. Russell even slammed Bravo in one of his final interviews, and was preparedly terrified over a tell-all book his ex-wife was planning to release.

The second season of Real Housewives in Beverly Hills is set to premiere on Sept. 5, and Russell's character will be edited out.