BaldwinTwitter230.jpgAlec Baldwin may want to take a note from Miley Cyrus and take down his Twitter account.

First the actor pulled out of the Emmys at the last minute and took to Twitter to discuss. Now he's getting backlash after Tweeting about his love for Kanye West ... using the "n" word.

Baldwin Tweeted on Sunday:

    "I love that song NIGGAS IN PARIS!!! I love Kanye!! I love @IrelandBBaldwin most of all!!! ... Kanye and I are doing a song called NIGGAS IN MONTAUK. My album is called MY BEAUTIFUL PALE TWISTED FANTASY."

Even after getting criticism from followers, Baldwin wouldn't budge. He Tweeted, "Anyone who thinks that quoting the title of that song is racist is a disgrace. To the human race."