ALavignePREGNANT092911_11_X17460WM.jpgblack pregnant birkin bag

Could Avril Lavigne have been hinting at something when she named her latest album Goodbye Lullaby?

While heading to get her nails done at a Beverly Hills salon, the 27-year-old punk princess wore a black hooded sweater, carried her Birkin strategically in front of her noticeably large belly ... and a gold diaper safety pin attached to her bag. Now THAT'S subtlety.

A source close to Avril tells X17online exclusively:

    "She and Brody have never been happier. Avril has been talking about how much she wants to have his baby and take their relationship further. Expect her to make the announcement soon. She's beyond excited."

In a recent interview, Avril discussed her motivation behind Lullaby. She said it "really just represents closing a chapter in life and opening a new one. Personal growth, moving forward."

Avril and beau Brody Jenner have been dating for just under two years. Looks like they're definitely ready to start that new chapter.

Lavigne's rep has yet to issue a statement.