Bravo reality starlet Bethenny Frankel had a very real experience this weekend!

Frankel and hubby Jason Hoppy took a sailing trip that was supposed to last eight hours, but turned into more than 20 when a big wave hit.

BethennyFrankelScared230.jpgThe boat's GPS system malfunctioned, leaving Frankel and 10 passengers were literally lost at sea.

Also present was a Bravo TV crew. So, on the bright side, this will make for some drama for her show! Ultimately, the group was rescued by the Coast Guard.

Frankel Tweeted after the ordeal, noting that 15-month-old daughter Bryn came to her mind:

    "Worst night of my life. ... beyond traumatic. All I thought of was bryn. Terror."

    "I am SO HAPPY to be home. What a terrifying weekend.I'm kissing the ground.thanking my lucky stars&the coast guard!"

Scary! But, Bethenny's therapist was on the trip too; maybe he provided some comfort!