Celine Dion is a fairly private megastar, but she's opening her life up completely in a new doc for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network -- Celine: 3 Boys And A New Show.

We're not too hot on the title, but the 90-minute special looks good! Celine seems to have given rare, total access to the camera crew -- they're with her in the hospital when she gives birth to twins Eddy and Nelson, born in October 2010, and follow Celine home after to her $20 million Florida estate.

Celine said she did the special to show fans that she's not that different from them, and so that they could see the hard work that goes into putting on a Vegas show. Celine, 43, starts a new run in Vegas in December.

Dion tells cameras she's grateful for her 69-year-old husband, Rene Angelil. "It's tough to live with me," she says. "I'm not easy. I'm intense in everything that I decide to do."