Day four of Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial has wrapped up.

Friday's witnesses included Bob Johnson of Nonin Medical Equipment, Murray's former patient Robert Russell, paramedic/firefighter Richard Senneff, paramedic/firefighter Martin Blount and Jackson's attending ER Doctor Richelle Cooper.

The most revealing testimony today included:

  • Johnson said the device used to monitor Jackson was a pulse oximeter, but Murray used the wrong one and it had no alarm in case anything went wrong.

  • The first paramedic, Senneff, claimed if Murray had called 911 right away instead of after a 20-minute delay, there was a chance that they could have restarted Jackson's heart and saved his life.

  • Senneff also revealed that Murray claimed Jackson wasn't on any medication, only later saying he gave the King of Pop the sedative Lorazepam; Propofol was never mentioned by Murray to the paramedics or the attending ER doctor.

  • Despite the fact that Jackson was D.O.A., the paramedics tried to revive him for 47 minutes as Murray wouldn't let them call a time of death.

  • The second paramedic, Blount, claims he spotted Murray grabbing Lidocaine bottles and putting them in a bag before Jackson was wheeled out.

  • The attending ER doc Cooper revealed that Murray told her Jackson was "dehydrated" after extended rehearsals and that the only drugs Michael took were Flomax and Valium.

All accounts point to Murray trying to clean up bottles or remove evidence immediately after Jackson died.