On the first day of Conrad Murray's trial, opening statements are largely being devoted to talk of Propofol.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff continued his opening statement after the court recessed for lunch, saying that the amount of Propofol is key.

"The amounts Dr. Murray gave were not capable of causing that death," Chernoff said.

In addition to that remark, the following was revealed during the trial:

-Chernoff also fought the prosecution's accusations of negligence and abandonment in its opening statement, saying that the amount of Propofol Murray gave Michael Jackson would have dissipated in his body by the time Murray left Jackson's side to use the restroom.

-The defense says that Murray gave Jackson Propofol after Jackson requested it so that he could sleep before a rehearsal. Then, said Chernoff, Murray stayed by Jackson's side to monitor him until he "felt comfortable." He then used the restroom.

-"In 10 minutes, no matter how much [Propofol] you give in an injection, there’s nothing left," Chernoff said. "When we talk about ‘abandonment’ in this case, that’s important to understand.”

He closed his opening statement with:

    "This is an emotional case. We all have a vested interest in Michael Jackson. … The whole thing is tragic, but the evidence is not going to show that Dr. Murray did it. … Dr. Murray is an imperfect man, like all of us … But in this criminal court, we believe he is not guilty."