This Is It director Kenny Ortega has been called as the prosecution's first witness.

Ortega describes seeing Jackson on June 19, 2009, for one of many meetings. The two had been meeting four or five times a week to plan the tour, then Jackson started missing rehearsals. On the 19th, Ortega says:

    "My friend [Michael Jackson] wasn't right, he wasn't well. ... He was chilled. He appeared lost ... incoherent. ... something was wrong."

Ortega sent out an e-mail following the meeting. He read from the e-mail:

    " ... My concern is, now that we brought the doctor into the fold ... the artist ... appeared quite weak and fatigued this evening ... everything in me says he should be psychologically evaluated ... as well as immediate physical nurturing. ... he'd lost more weight ... it would shatter him ... if we pulled the plug. ... he was like a lost boy."

Ortega explains the "doctor" in the e-mail was Dr. Murray, the physician creating Michael's daily schedule. The next day, Ortega met with a "stern" Murray.

"He [Murray] was upset that I didn't allow Michael to rehearse," Ortega said. "He said I should stop trying to be an amateur psychologist ... to leave Michael's health to him. ... I was shocked."

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