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Elisabetta Canalis dancing dwts dancing with the stars hat

We caught up with George Clooney's ex Elisabetta Canalis on Sunday as she left Dancing With The Stars practice and asked her about her former flame. George and new gal pal Stacy Keibler had just gone public with their relationship the day before.

So what was Elisabetta's response? She appears to be taking the high road; the gorgeous Italian blew a kiss to her ex lover -- watch it all in our video below!

After two years of dating, Elisabetta and George split at the end of June -- only a few weeks after she said in an interview that she wanted to get married. By the beginning of August, news had broken of George and Stacy's new romance.

... And did we mention that Stacy was also once a contestant on Dancing With The Stars? Ouch!

We also spotted Chaz Bono and partner Lacey Schwimmer at practice. See pics of them after the jump and in our gallery below!