Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Ellen DeGeneres is recovering from a frightening health scare!

The talk show host told her The Ellen Degeneres Show audience that she was having chest pains Sunday night, and when they didn't go away the next morning, she had the paramedics called to the Warner Brothers lot where she tapes the show. She joked that "about 50 trucks and ambulances -- like one marching band short of a parade -- showed up outside of my office."

But she doesn't want anyone to worry! Ellen said:

    "First of all, I’m fine. Let me just say, I’m fine. The paramedics were strippers that I had called. That’s how the rumors got started. I woke up in the middle of the night. I was feeling like a tightness of my chest ... and it was a cat so I moved it. I still felt the tightness and heaviness so there was another cat under that cat. There were two cats on my chest. Then I got to work and it was still happening. I was still feeling the pains. So I was like, 'I should check this out.' It’s better to be safe than sorry. Who doesn’t want to see a fireman occasionally?"

How awesome is it that Ellen can make even a scary moment funny?

She continued:

    "They came in, they asked me all the questions -- how are you feeling? When did it start? Family history? Can I get tickets to the "12 Days" [tapings]? All the questions that they would ask, but everything is fine. I don’t know what it is but it’s fine."

Ellen also thanked the paramedics and nurses who helped her this morning.

So scary, but we're glad everything is okay!