Plenty of stars pose with their wax figures, but few have as much fun as Fergie did!

The Black Eyed Peas leading lady had some fun unveiling her dopplegänger at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas Thursday night. She posed behind the figure making the same sexy face, tossed one leg up behind her and even grabbed the wax Fergie's boobs!

How Fergalicious!

The singer's look-a-like was done up in a spiky BEP stage get-up, but the real Fergie went for a very different but fave look -- old school glam! She looked fab in a draped maroon dress and gray stonewashed heels, but the finishing touch was her retro curled faux-bob.

The only odd thing was that Fergie went sans wedding ring. We're assuming it was just a fashion choice, but here's to hoping there's no trouble in paradise for her and hubby Josh Duhamel!