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Hugh Jackman jacket urinating beard

It may appear that Hugh Jackman had spontaneously decided to relieve himself on a fence in a very public place, but it's actually all for a photo shoot!

The X-Men star posed for several mock-potty shots in which it appeared he was urinating in the wide open, while dressed in a suit and sporting a beard in LA, on Friday.

The ultra buff Jackman appeared on "WWE's Monday Night Raw" this week to promote his upcoming robot boxing movie, Real Steel, and the actor did some major damage while in the ring.

When Hugh wound up to deliver a "punch" to wrestler Dolph Ziggler's face, the Wolverine star actually hit him harder than he anticipated, giving him a real-life broken jaw!

The injured wrestler took to his Twitter, sharing: "...MRI scheduled for 1pm...#thanksBatman...hairline mandibular fracture...getting a special mouth guard tomorrow...".

Check out a video of Jackman delivering a flawless K.O., after the jump ...