JenAnistonStroke230.jpgJennifer Aniston's mother, Nancy Dow, has reportedly suffered a severe stroke.

The two were estranged for years until 2008. They first parted ways in 1996 after Dow gave an interview about their relationship, and later wrote a tell-all book.

According to The Daily Mail, Aniston raced to her mother's side this weekend after the incident, with beau Justin Theorux by her side in Los Angeles.

Dow, a former model and actress herself, is said to have criticized Aniston's looks when she was younger, starting their rift.

Aniston once said that her last major problem in her life was her mother. "I really think my mother was doing the best she could," she told the London Telegraph in 2001. "But she didn't know where she ended and I began. This separation had to happen for both of us to find out."