Beverly Hills  shopping John Mayer Barney's New York

X17 caught up with John Mayer on Saturday in Beverly Hills, only hours after the singer announced he had to cancel concerts and push back his upcoming album due to a throat condition.

Mayer wrote on his blog that he has developed nodules on his vocal cords -- a condition he's been keeping secret for months. The nodules, also called granulomas, can become quite serious.

The singer was scheduled to perform at the iheartradio Music Festival in Las Vegas next week and with Tony Bennett in LA. In addition, his new album, Born and Raised, has been pushed back to a 2012 release instead of this fall. Said Mayer:

    "‘Born and Raised’ is complete as far as music recording, song selection, and in some cases mixing, but because of this condition I couldn’t finish singing on several of the tracks."

Mayer says he isn't sure how long he'll be out of commission, but while he's vocally benched, he'll be in New York working on new songs.