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Two And A Half Men's Jon Cryer sits down with Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday, and the interview promises to cover the darker side of his relationship with Charlie Sheen.

Cryer tells Ellen how he felt at the height of Sheen's meltdown earlier this year, saying: "Mostly I was worried that Charlie was going to die. That was the big fear for me."

But Cryer lightened the mood a bit with a joke. "That did not occur, and I'm thrilled about that," he said.

Yes, even though Sheen called Cryer a "troll," he doesn't seem to harbor any hard feelings. But sadly, the two no longer have a relationship.

    "We have not spoken. And, I will accept an apology both public and private. But again, it was in the heat of the moment I imagine when he said [the insults] … I did not put a whole lot of credence in it at the time."