MadonnaRep230.jpgMadonna's famous PR rep, Liz Rosenberg, is defending her client after the media mess that has been Madge's Venice Film Festival run.

Madge, 53, was quoted as telling a French newspaper that Lady Gaga has an "obsession" with her. But Rosenberg says that wasn't a diss, telling Us: "She didn't diss Gaga."

Notably, Rosenberg does not deny or refute the quote. She just says it wasn't a diss. Alrighty!

At publication time, the results of our X17online poll showed that 40 percent of readers thought Madonna was right to diss Gaga, but 40 percent thought the comment was mean.

As for an incident in which Madonna definitely did diss a fan's flower choice, Rosenberg has a what's-the-big-deal attitude.

Madge got a bouquet as a gift from a fan, then said, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas" (relive the incident below.) Rosenberg's response?

    "The hydrangea incident is so ridiculous ... It's not like she said she hated warm chocolate chip cookies and milk and little puppies!"