Beverly Hills  Arnold Schwarzenegger sunglasses shopping Maria Shriver salon hairdo divorce

Maria Shriver stopped by a Beverly Hills salon on Saturday to get her hair blown out, though she wasn't her usual chipper self.

The activist left looking lovely, but somber. She mostly kept quiet in the salon, reading magazines and listening to music. Shriver is mourning the loss of her cousin, Kara Kennedy, who died at age 51 on Friday. The cause of death has not yet been revealed, though she had battled cancer.

Shriver Tweeted on Saturday, "Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts, prayers and condolences for my cousin Kara. She was a kind soul who loved her family."

But, as always, Maria had to remain strong for her family. Her son, Patrick, with estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday.

Meanwhile, our photogs also spotted Schwarzenegger out in Beverly Hills ...