Lido 68th Venice Film Festival Mat Damon

Matt Damon, 40, looked shorn and sexy at the Venice Film Festival on Sunday, where the actor was promoting his new flick Contagion.

The movie, about a deadly disease outbreak, brings together old friends for the actor. Steven Soderbergh is directing, and the two have worked together many times (including on all the Ocean's 11 films.) Gwyneth Paltrow co-stars. Of course, Paltrow is the ex of Damon's best bud, Ben Affleck, and in this flick she plays Matt's wife! Wonder if that's at all awkward ...

Then again, she's also Brad Pitt's ex-fiance, and Matt starred with him in the Ocean's movies, which, again, Soderbergh directed. Ah, the sometimes-too-small world of Hollywood!