MeganFoxMovieFoneInterview230.jpgMegan Fox never responded at the end of June when Shia LaBeouf told everyone in the world that the two had hooked up. Now she's explaining why she stayed silent.

Fox told Moviefone while promoting her upcoming flick, Friends With Kids:

    "I didn't want to talk about it while they're on the press tour because ... I didn't want that movie to suffer. Especially because I love Shia. I wanted that movie to do well for him. I didn't want to have this big media war ... there will be a time when I want to tell my side of the story."

Fox's loyalty is still clearly to LaBeouf. She said, "I love Shia to death; I love him unconditionally." Yowza! Wonder how hubby Brian Austin Green feels about that ...

See what Megan said about the public's image of her after the jump.