Can you imagine anyone telling Minka Kelly that she needs plastic surgery? Well, someone dared to!

The actress, 31, went on the Late Show with David Letterman last night to promote her new series, the Charlie's Angels remake premiering on ABC tonight. Somehow the talk turned to plastic surgery because when Minka was 19, an ex-Playboy bunny approached her with an interesting proposition. The former Friday Night Lights star told Dave:

    "She was very seductive and said that she wanted to manage me and that I had a lot of potential, and she could get me this job at a doctor's office in return for plastic surgery which I would need to be a Playboy playmate. And all I needed were eight sets of lipo, fake breasts, a few veneers and all kinds of things."


Minka did actually work at the plastic surgeon's office for about a month before realizing she didn't want to get all that work done. "When I told her I didn't want that, she told me I would never be Playmate of the year, and I said, 'I think that's okay. I'm okay with that,'" she said during the interview (above).

Good thing Minka went with her gut -- she's gorgeous already!