Following a series of bizarre, disturbing Tweets, Nicolas Cage's troubled son, 20-year-old Weston Cage, appears to be headed to rehab once again.

A source tells X17online that Nicolas went to a West Hollywood sober living facility this afternoon, to admit his son. The home is luxury halfway house called KLEAN, but it is NOT a full rehabilitation center (see a gallery of the facility below).

In the drug-fueled rant, Weston writes, "Came to a little while ago. Doc didn't put me to sleep. Gave me local anesthesia. Got a prescript. Was outta my mind on pain killers."

Requests to Nicolas Cage's reps for a comment on the story have not yet been returned.

He goes on to talk about snorting cocaine and killing a dog, as seen here:


Weston has a very troubled past, including multiple run-ins with the law and problems with drugs and alcohol.

Most recently, Weston checked into rehab after getting arrested on a felony domestic violence charge in July. According to his mother Christina Fulton's rep, he was to be in rehab for thirty days.

Then in late August, Weston's wife Nikki changed her Facebook status from "Married" to "It's Complicated" and wrote:

    “My husband is going back to rehab.This is so hard for me. Please pray for him so that he will see the light and be the man that I fell in love with again. Alcoholism is an ugly disease. It breaks my heart to see him this way, but a woman can only take so much. I hope he makes the right choice and stays sober not only for me, but most importantly for himself! I don’t want him to die.”