Samantha Ronson and Kim Kardashian have a friend in common -- Lindsay Lohan -- and now they share a cause, too!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the two were Tweeting to save death row inmate Troy Davis. Davis is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Wednesday night -- he's convicted of killing a Savannah, Ga., police officer in 1989. Davis has proclaimed his innocence since, claiming mistaken identity, but he is now out of appeals.

Said Kim on Wednesday morning:

    "I want to vent about the execution of Troy Davis! He is getting the death penalty tonight but I believe he is innocent!!! ... NO ONE should die by lethal injection when there is this much doubt!"

Said Sam:

    "If u don't know about Troy Davis, here is the 411 >> -- #TooMuchDoubt"

Kim has 9.8 million followers, and Sam has 1.6 million. By Wednesday morning, Davis had become a trending topic on Twitter and Google.