Tori Spelling pregnant maxi dress chicken michaels filming sunglasses

You're never too old to play with toys!

After filming her reality show at a Michaels arts and crafts store in Encino, Calif., Tori Spelling left with a tiny pal in tow. No, not just because she's pregnant with her third child -- Tori was clutching on tight to a stuffed chicken!

Whether the present is for her kids Liam or Stella -- or her soon-to-be bundle of joy -- we're sure the recipient will love it. Then again, it could be for the real chicken the Spelling-McDermott family already has at their house. You never know!

The very pregnant star -- dressed comfortably in a paisley print maxidress and lace vest -- made it a very safe day of shopping, riding around in a motorized cart while picking out purchases.

After making her crafty stop, Tori and her assistant grabbed some grub at a nearby Taco Bell.

Hello, pregnancy cravings!